About the project

The project is proposed as a tool to improve access to the Erasmus + program to organizations such as ours, with little or no experience at the European level although with a lot of experience at the local and national level, including the staff of each partner.

The partnership aims to exchange experiences, methodologies and teaching approaches in the field of education of adults, implemented in each organization inspiring others to improve the quality of their daily work and that of their educators and trainers, as well as donating effective management models.

This continuous exchange will produce a noticeable improvement in the operational capacity of each partner, which will enrich their educational offer at the same time that it will improve the competencies and skills of its educators thanks to training programs. more attractive education and training and the use of participatory approaches and ICT-based methodologies

At the same time, the consortium aims to address a need that each partner highlights in their local context: organizations and representatives of local and national institutions tell us how difficult it is to understand the systems for access to information and European financing. This is mainly due to the difficulty of obtaining the information in a direct and practical way, to the technicalities that make it difficult to understand the guides and the terminology that creates obstacles when filling out a form. 

To achieve these objectives, the consortium aims to achieve the following results: The creation of a European network of Erasmus+ adult education ambassadors who, through their educational centers, They will become promoters of the project, disseminating the other training and information materials created, as well as advising to other trainers and educational centers who want to participate in European programs such as Erasmus+ A compendium of interactive infographics that will focus on providing information on 5 main areas: knowing, recognize, implement, evaluate, disseminate. 

Project Partners

PROJECT NUMBER: 2021-1-ES01-KA210-ADU-000034042

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